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          Passed the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification

          Integrity, innovation, quality first

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               Wuxi NongBa industrial co., LTD is located in the hometown - wuxi, is a new DE enterprise s reform and opening up. The company was founded ten years, by a single non-ferrous metal casting company developed into a casting, precision machining, stamping is a body comprehensive enterprise.
            Companies adhering to the "integrity, innovation, quality first" concept, with consistent high quality high reputation among the same industry forefront, passed the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification. Has for electrical and mechanical, mining, shipbuilding, textile, port machinery, petrochemical industry, food processing, printing, automobile manufacturing, electronic instrumentation and the defense industry offers a wide range of quality products. Also for many foreign companies supporting exports for a long time, products are exported to North America, Europe, southeast Asia, and gradely good prestige.
            Company founders sincerely feel - enterprise survival development, growing, with only their own work, exploration and development of pioneering spirit and courage to cultivation of the spirit is not enough, need more the general customers the support and help. To this end, we sincerely thank the support and cooperate with us and cooperation of the old customers, welcome new customers to our support and the help and cooperation with us.

          Area: 7000 M2 building area: 7000 M2
          annual sales: 60 million yuan production: copper and aluminum casting can reach more than 1000 tons of
          export scale: with the relevant manufacturers and foreign trade companies supporting exports, accounting for eighty percent of the sales.

          Execution standard: give priority to with national standard, can also according to customer requirements of the standard production of castings, such as ISO,
          ASTM, JIS, DIN and other standards.
          production varieties: specializing in the production of various kinds of nonferrous alloy casting, the main varieties are as follows:
          copper alloy castings: butterfly valve plate, bearing, pressure pipe fittings, worm gear, pump body.
          aluminum alloy castings, electronics, textile machinery accessories, oil chemical industry.
          production process: traditional sand casting, metal mold casting process, the metal mold gravity casting parts can casting more than 70 kg (70 kg) under a variety of grades of non ferrous alloy of copper and aluminum castings.
          production equipment: two sand mixer, sand screen 2, shoot core machine 4 sets, 4 shell core machines, shot blasting machine 4 sets, electric furnace 4, metal mold casting machine 10 sets, 10 sets of car (milling) bed, 6 molding machine 4 sets, grinding machines.
          processing equipment: processing center 4 units, 10 sets of ordinary lathe CNC lathe 5 sets, drilling machine, milling machine and so on.
          testing equipment: rationalized rooms equipped with cloth, rockwell, vickers hardness machine each one, a universal material testing machine, chemical composition analysis a set of equipment, a light at the analyzer can be on the casting components and performance monitoring.